Monaco Jazzclub Big Band

Members of the Big Band:

Götz Grünberg, Axel Kühn, Mark Pusker, Evan Tate, Jonas Brinkmann (saxes), Harald Kuhn, Felix Jechlinger, Vincent Eberle, Bastien Rieser (tps), Lukas Jochner, Stephan Gerblinger, Jakob Grimm, Thorben Schütt (tbs), Paul Brändle (g), André Schwager (p, keys), Andi Kurz (b), Guido May (dr, Leitung)

The Monaco Jazzclub is considered the newest initiative of jazz musicians from Munich in 2020. The association’s goal is to patronize and support local musical life.
Its members play together in a formation called Monaco Jazzclub Big Band. Its founder is Guido May, an internationally recognized drummer. The band’s repertoire is taken from Vincent Eberle’s own compositions and arrangements; in addition, they also incorporate works from musical greats and composers such as Maria Schneider, Pat Metheny, Bob Curnow, Jürgen Friedrich, Bert Joris and Laurence Cottle. The main sponsor of Monaco Jazzclub Association is “Aqua Monaco”, a soda and drink manufacturing company in Munich.

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