I successfully completed my professional training as a clarinet teacher in May 2008 at the "Franz Liszt" Academy of Music in Budapest Hungary. My diploma "Bachelor of Arts in Music and Clarinet Teacher" qualifies me to give individual or group lessons at all ages. Since I learned my instruments at a very young age, I know very well the difficulties that children have, when they learning to play an instrument. I know that a patient and pedagogically experienced musician can optimally promote the musical potential at an early age.

In my experience, good music lessons are based on the needs of the individual student.

Among the most important components of my teaching concept for classical works and light music are

-the playful learning of the notes
-the joint development of the playing technique
-the musical experience and - connected with - the joy of music...

This is why it is so important to give the children a sense of achievement from the very beginning. This can be achieved by practicing an easily learnable piece of music with the children at an early age.

The possibility to play with CD accompaniment or with "Play Along" is not only a nice idea for advanced players, but also something for beginners, so that they are motivated right from the start and get "the inspiration for more". If the focus of the lessons is shifted to technique exercises right at the beginning, this can overwhelm and demotivate a child. A child's ability to concentrate is less than that of an adult!

My lesson plan:

Every Monday: Musikverein Kaufering
Registration and information: Phone 0176 / 38 00 35 86

Every Tuesday: Städtisches-Elsa-Brändström-Gymnasium
Registration and information: Phone 0176 / 38 00 35 86

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FAQ - frequently asked questions

How does my child find the right instrument?

Parents should definitely listen to their child's decision. Your child intuitively knows best which instrument he or she is attracted to. The instrument your child is enthusiastic about is the "right one".

At what age can my child start learning the clarinet or saxophone?

The age of 8 years is taken as a guideline. He or she must be physically able to hold the instrument. A somewhat larger seven-year-old child can start earlier under certain circumstances.

Would it make sense for my child to learn the recorder before that?

Yes, that would definitely be advisable! The recorder family includes the soprano, alto, tenor and bass flutes. The beginner's lessons take place on the soprano recorder. Especially for children this C flute is a wonderful instrument for beginners because of its easy playability. Playing the flute supports in a special way the development of the body feeling, because the breathing is consciously controlled.

You can start playing the recorder at the age of five to six years!