Munich Composers Collective

The Munich Composers Collective (short: MCC) is an ensemble consisting of students and alumni of the Jazz Institute and the Classics Department of the Musikhochschule München and was founded in 2014 by Prof. Gregor Hübner. The instrumental composition is quite independent, so that in addition to a reduced big band line-up (four saxophones/clarinets/flutes, two trumpets/flügelhorns, one trombone and rhythm section with acoustic and electric bass), tuba and three string instruments (two violins, one cello) can be heard. In addition to the students, the internationally renowned electronic composer and musician Matthias Schneider Hollek and Gregor Hübner, who is the main lecturer for the master's course in jazz composition and improvisation for strings, will also be involved. Both courses of study have been available at the Munich University of Music since the winter semester 2011.
The ensemble plays exclusively pieces by band members and also follows in its anti-hierarchical organization the spirit of the (soloist) Ensemble Moderns, founded in Frankfurt in 1980.
Thus, at this year's two concerts on March 13 in the Reaktorhalle in Luisenstraße and on April 5 as part of the traditional International
Theaterhaus Jazztage in Stuttgart compositions by Leonhard Kuhn, Monika Roscher, Matthias Lindermayr, Andreas Unterreiner but also performed by Gregor Hübner. The numerous, outstanding reviews in the trade press show that the MCC is relevant in international comparison and has found its own voice.
The pieces combine elements of jazz and contemporary classical, but also independent rock and contemporary improvised music.
Through this independent mixture the MCC wants to see itself as an artistically profiled ensemble, which is at the beginning of its development. This is to be consolidated with further international and Germany-wide concerts.

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