Mark Pusker Quartet

“Circles in Time”
A defining musical “station”.

Born in 1984, Mark Pusker is a saxophone and clarinet player originally from Szeged, Hungary. After years of playing classical and jazz music in Bavaria’s Allgau region, he has been living in Munich since 2013. His debut album - released in 2019 by Timezone Records - features his own works as both composer and bandleader. Characteristic elements of energetic bebop and swing styles can be heard in the quartet’s sound. Mark’s band members are well known even outside Southern Germany. Bass player Peter Cudek and drummer Guido May comprise the rhythm section and have for many years performed at numerous jazz festivals. The band’s cogwheels became even more greased by the guitar playing of an excellent Chilean matador, Diego Riedemann.

Members of the quartet:
Mark Pusker (alto and soprano saxophone)
Diego Riedemann (guitar)
Peter Cudek (double bass)
Guido May (drums)