Evelyn Keller & Das Gentlemen Orchester


Evelyn Keller (vocals)

The Gentlemen Orchestra

Don't cry for love!

Can love be a sin?

I don't need millions!

Yeah, who doesn't know the hits from black and white movies?!

Outside there was a political disaster, but in the UFA film studios of the 20's, 30's, 40's one cheerful film after the other was produced.

It was in the "Golden Twenties" that the foundations of the German film industry were laid, the UFA Film Studios were founded, and the film stars of the time, such as Zarah Leander and Heinz Rühmann, were born and carried to the heights of popularity - or rather catapulted to the top!

The appropriate film music then provided the desired suspense, intensified heartbreaking feelings and transported these emotions to the audience. Under the unmistakable influence of American swing music, many songs were created which have managed to live on their charm as evergreens to this day.

So look forward to an unforgettable evening with the Gentlemen's Orchestra and the front singer Evelyn Keller and let yourself be carried away into the time of the great stars!